Soulbound is a tabletop roleplaying game about wielding powerful, arcane weapons which are bound to one’s spirit. It is set in the golden age of invention, a time plagued by giant fauna and corrupted demigods. As hunters of the inhuman it is your duty to slay these beasts. Soulbound has over a billion unique weapon combinations, from gun-chucks to cannon-shields, that act as character-defining emblems and the root of player power.


In Soulbound players assume the role of Wielders, regular humans who have been bestowed unique weapons with supernatural powers. A Wielder is no one kind of person. They are heroes and villains, thieves and saints. The universe has granted a small population with these soulbound weapons, roughly every one in one-hundred people, but how each person chooses to use their gift is what determines their fate. Such people live in turmoil, shunned by those who fear their powers and controlled by those who wish to abuse them.


Deceivers are the primary aggressors against humanity itself. All land outside of the city walls is their domain, making the roads dangerous during the day, and a deathwish after dark. These monsters are easily identified by a bone mask which conceals their repulsive humanoid visage. In terms of shape, size, and behavior these supernatural beasts have appeared to find a niche in every part of the ecosystem.  


Akuma are the most powerful, world-shaping inhabitants of Solum. These demons possess an arsenal of powers to control the world around them. Such a monster can change its form at will (even into that of a human), possess creatures lesser than itself, and corrupt the environment in which it dwells. Akuma can be found buried within Solum’s oldest ruins or hiding in plain sight as a prominent figures.

The World

  • The World of Solum – Soulbound takes place on the plane of Solum, a vast land which has been roughly divided into six nations. Primium, Uhyre, Agrewin, Qray Ralim, Rajan, and Sozo each possess their own culture to serve as the backdrop for endless adventures.
  • Hunting Houses and Trades – In lieu of traditional classes players may opt to join one of 3 hunting Houses. Members of these Houses may graduate into one of distinct 3 Hunting Trades, a total of 9 Trades for hunters to choose from. These academies provide indispensable gear and equipment to those who wish to brave the dangers outside of the walls.
  • Industrial Era – Soulbound takes place in an industrial golden age, where ingenuity is key for survival. In addition to the technological wonders offered by the hunting guilds players may purchase upgrades for their weapons and build their armor sets piece by piece.
  • Arcane Abilities – By using their weapons players may conjure simple arcane tricks, easily produced effects they’ve learned on their own, or devastating arcane powers, gifted to them from another realm. When slaying especially dangerous foes characters even have a chance to become mutated by corrupted energy, gaining all new abilities.


  • Played with Six-sided Dice Soulbound is played using only six-sided dice. The rules are quick to learn, rolls are measured by counting a number of Successes, similar to predecessors like Shadowrun.
  • Billions of Weapon Combinations – Weapons, also known as Bonds, are randomly generated by rolling dice. From a list of 100 weapons, 3 distinct builds, and 36 arcane powers there are literally billions of combinations, making each character’s weapon truly unique.
  • Organic Growth – Rather than progressing along a predetermined route, characters in Soulbound grow organically. New magic powers are gained by slaying corrupted enemies, characters must complete contracts to advance their guild rank, and new weapon upgrades must be purchased with silver.
  • Hex-grid Combat – Soulbound is designed to be played on a hexagonal grid, with specific rules for fighting against many of the large beasts one will face. This isn’t necessary of course, the combat is just as fun in the mind’s eye if a Storyteller chooses to play it as such.
  • A Dark Fantasy – The plane is Solum is one wrought with struggle and despair. Humanity has, by matter of impending extinction, been forced into vertical cities with towering walls. Beasts which hide behind masks of bone, Deceivers, and shapeshifting demons, the Akuma, lurk in the shadows as an incomprehensible and ever present threat. These foes will not be easily slain, and players can expect to perish quickly if they are not well prepared.