Between Clouds

A colorful, biopunk, tabletop RPG about a family of misfits navigating the open skies atop their beloved flying beast. Between Clouds is based on Free League’s Year Zero system with a focus on new and inexperienced players.


A tabletop RPG about randomly-generated, arcane weapons which are bound to one’s spirit. Soulbound uses a bespoke rules system that highlights monster-hunting action, industrial gadgets and stylish magical abilities.

Wirts & Gregs

A free, single-page remix of John Harper’s Lazers and Feelings designed for fans of the animated mini-series Over the Garden Wall.

Hi, my name is Andi! I’m a queer, independent game designer and illustrator based out of Olympia, Washington. I create evocative worlds that are meant to be explored with friends. My games are striking, memorable, and packed with original artwork to feed the imagination. Check out my projects above, join one of our discord servers, or reach out to me at any time using the links below. Cheers! 🙂

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